Timetable & Training

All club training is available with the UQ Triads Training Pass. For more information on club membership, see the Membership page. All training starts and finishes at the UQ Sport Aquatic Centre. For more information on individual sessions, see the descriptions below.

Monday05:00 - Swim *** (1.5hrs)
06:15 - Strength and Conditioning (1hr)
Tuesday05:15 - Bike or Brick (bike/run) (1.5hr)
Wednesday05:15 - Run (1.5hr)
18:00 - Swim *** (1.5hrs)
Thursday05:15 - Bike (1.5hr)
Friday06:15 - Run (1hr)
Saturday *05:30 - Club Social Ride
Sunday *06:00 - Open Water Swim ** / Club Social Run

* weekends are primarily unstructured, social endurance sessions, with a swim, ride or run leader providing a route, and assisting with group safety.

** See the News & Updates page, or the UQ Triads Facebook Group for Open Water Swim locations for that day.
*** All swim sessions require access to the UQ Sport Aquatic Centre, either with a pass, or a casual entry.

Typical Session Overviews and Notes

Swim Sessions:

  • Squad swim training with a variety of aerobic, threshold, and anaerobic interval sessions.
  • Particular focus on individual swim form correction and open water technique.
  • Bring goggles, and any pool training equipment (pull buoys, paddle, fins, etc).
  • All swim sessions require access to the UQ Sport Aquatic Centre.

Bike Sessions:

  • Tuesday session used as either a brick session (bike & run) or a dedicated bike session depending on training plan.
  • Bike & Brick sessions throughout the week are conducted as interval training within a limited location, catering for riders of varying fitness levels, and abilities.
  • Helmets are required for all bike sessions. A red, back bike light is mandatory, and a front, white, light during winter hours of training in the dark.
  • Bikes should be in sound mechanical condition for all sessions. Please contact us before your first session if you are unsure about your bike’s condition.
  • All riders should familiarise themselves with the UQ Triads Rider Etiquette.
  • Saturday rides typically range between 70km – 110km. Riders should be self sufficient carrying their own bike spares, as well as appropriate fluid and nutrition. 

Run Sessions:

  • Most weekday run sessions are conducted as interval training within a limited location, catering for runners of varying fitness levels.
  • After a short warmup, the Friday run session makes use of the UQ Sport Athletics Track.

Strength and Conditioning Session

  • S&C sessions take place in the UQ Sport Gymnasium
  • A S&C instructor, or coach will provide an initial evaluation, and instruction on equipment and technique.
  • S&C is a vital component of triathlon training for injury prevention, efficiency of movement and force production.

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