Common Routes & Rider Etiquette

Training Locations

Weekday training takes place in the surrounding suburbs of the university, making use of popular cycling areas, and quiet streets. These coached sessions will typically be made up of various intervals within a reasonably small area, so that cyclists and runners of all abilities can complete the same session without being left behind.

Longer routes are used for weekend endurance rides or runs. These will typically be at an easier pace, or will allow for harder, self-paced intervals before regrouping. Athletes are expected to be self-sufficient, carrying appropriate spares, tools, hydration, and nutrition. A full list of all of our common cycling and running routes can be downloaded here: UQ Triathlon Routes

Rider Etiquette

Good riding behaviour contributes to the safety of yourself, and other road users, and makes riding in a group significantly more enjoyable. If you are new to group riding, or feel like you could improve your group riding skills, please contact us before attending a bike session. The Port Macquarie Cycling Club have put together an excellent list of group riding etiquette, which we refer you to for safe group riding.

We allow time-trial bikes to be ridden at all training sessions, although this is done with a number of expectations:

  • When riding behind another rider (excluding a dedicated team time trial) riders should ride on their base bar with access to the brake levers
  • Riders should be a foot off the wheel in front and avoid leaving large gaps
  • Riders should line up their front wheel with the bike beside them and should not be more than an arms-width away from the cyclist beside them
  • Riders should not cut corners or take them sharply in a group
  • Riders should ‘call’ and point out road obstructions
  • Regardless of deep profile base bars, seat posts, or tubing riders must always have appropriate bike lights for the conditions.

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