2021 Club Restructure – All the information you need

2021 is an exciting time for UQ Triads. We’ve got a whole new program that we’re bringing to the table, new coaches, and a new structure. Watch the video for a full coverage of the changes coming for 2021, or I’ve summarised it in notes below.

How things used to work

In the past, UQ Sport ran a triathlon program through their group fitness program.
This was accessed through the gold membership service, at $700 for a student and $1000 for an adult.
The triathlon program was facilitated by club coaches, but managed by UQ Sport, such that the coaches were employed by UQ Sport, and our club ran in conjunction with the UQ Sport Group Fitness program.
After COVID cancelled all group fitness programs, UQ Sport have decided to not renew a triathlon program as part of their timetable.
While surprised, the club management see this as a real opportunity for the club to grow, as we’re no longer bound by the UQ Sport timetable, and are able to run the best program we can.

Club Training in 2021

UQ Triads now have their own access to all of the facilities that we need to run a comprehensive triathlon program. This includes our own swim squads (and dedicated UQ Triads lanes), PT rooms at the gym, and use of the athletics track.
We have 2 new coaches coming on board, Nathaniel as a swim coach, and Manuela as a strength and conditioning coach.
This will allow us to facilitate our new complete triathlon program, with 8 coached sessions throughout the week, as well as the Saturday club ride, Sunday club run, and open water swim sessions.
View the full timetable here

Training Costs

Since our coaches are no longer employed through UQ Sport, we’ve had a financial restructure in the club.
This is both to reimburse them for their time, and to ensure the longevity of the club as a whole (Kirsty and I won’t be around forever, and it makes sure that there’s a model in place to replace us eventually).
The model is similar to other clubs. Social membership will remain cheap – $40 for a student, $60 for an adult, which provides all social events and race day support.
All club training is accessed through the UQ Triads Training Pass (must hold a social membership already). $600 annually, or $300 over 4 months.
A 4 month period was picked to span the duration of a semester, such that international students who may be over here for a single semester are able to train with us for the duration of their stay.
Full information on this can be seen on the membership page here.
There will be a 2 week grace period for the training pass while we get the ball rolling on training in 2021.

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